Public Records Florida has a very broad Public Records Law.  Most written communications to or from State and Local Officials regarding State or Local business are public records available to the public and media upon request.
The District Clerk, Jennifer McQueary, is the custodian of all District public records.  For additional information or to make a request, please contact (352)751-3939 or Jennifer.McQueary.  For additional information, please click here.  Please note that your email communications may be subject to public disclosure.
Please Note Florida law prohibits the Board of Supervisors from communicating with residents about Deed Compliance or Architectural Review issues/cases.  Please contact the Community Standards Department directly at to report any concerns you might have.

Resident ID Card Information

Resident ID cards are available at the Customer Service Center at 984 Old Mill Run, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Residents may be required to provide proof of identity (picture ID), ownership, or Villages residency. Please call the Customer Service Center at (352) 753-4508 for more information.

For non-owner residents wishing to obtain a Village ID please click on the Permanent Residency Requirements for Non-Owners for more information.

To apply for a non-owner permanent Villages ID card please review the application below.

Residency Requirements for Non-Owners
Application for Non-Owner Villages Resident Identification Card

Guest ID Cards

Guests of Villages’ residents whose home address is outside Lake, Sumter, and Marion Counties are eligible to use selected Villages’ resident amenity-supported recreational facilities. An original Villages Guest ID Card is required for all guests one (1) year of age and older. Please click on the link below for the entire board approved Guest ID Policy.

Guest ID Policy

Guest ID cards may be obtained by coming into the following Regional Centers:

  • SeaBreeze (352-750-2488)
  • La Hacienda (352-753-1716)
  • Paradise (352-753-0637)
  • Laurel Manor (352-751-7110)
  • Mulberry Grove (352-259-6040)
  • Savannah Center (352-750-6084)
  • Lake Miona (352-430-2950)
  • Colony Cottage (352-750-1935)
  • Eisenhower (352-674-8390)
  • Rohan (352-674-8400)
  • Customer Service Center (352-753-4508)
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