Public Records Florida has a very broad Public Records Law.  Most written communications to or from State and Local Officials regarding State or Local business are public records available to the public and media upon request.
The District Clerk, Jennifer McQueary, is the custodian of all District public records.  For additional information or to make a request, please contact (352)751-3939 or Jennifer.McQueary.  For additional information, please click here.  Please note that your email communications may be subject to public disclosure.
Please Note Florida law prohibits the Board of Supervisors from communicating with residents about Deed Compliance or Architectural Review issues/cases.  Please contact the Community Standards Department directly at to report any concerns you might have.

Utility Operational Services

The Utilities Department contracts its operational services for meter reading, system operations and repairs.

Meter readings are done monthly and are captured by an electronic reading device. The utilities require that water meters be accessible at all times. Proper accessibility ensures accurate readings and allows readers to examine boxes for damages or leaks. As a reminder please be sure to keep meter clear of all landscaping such as bushes and shrubs.

You may contact Customer Service for the following services.

  • Leak investigations in which the last meter reading is verified and the meter is observed for indications of possible leaks.
  • Meter tests in which meters are tested in the field or removed and tested in the utility‚Äôs shop following American Water Works Association guidelines for meter testing and meter exchanges.
  • Reading verifications in which an account will be reviewed by a customer service representative and, if necessary, the meter will be reread.
  • Flow testing, (one time per year at no charge) which may include testing the service line between the water meter and the house, that determines if there is adequate pressure and volume of water flowing through the section of service line between a water meter and the water main that serves the house.
  • Shut off and reconnect at the meter so customer may initiate and complete repairs.