Public Records Florida has a very broad Public Records Law.  Most written communications to or from State and Local Officials regarding State or Local business are public records available to the public and media upon request.
The District Clerk, Jennifer McQueary, is the custodian of all District public records.  For additional information or to make a request, please contact (352)751-3939 or Jennifer.McQueary.  For additional information, please click here.  Please note that your email communications may be subject to public disclosure.
Please Note Florida law prohibits the Board of Supervisors from communicating with residents about Deed Compliance or Architectural Review issues/cases.  Please contact the Community Standards Department directly at to report any concerns you might have.

Utility Bill Online Inquiry

NOW AVAILBLE...Online Bill Inquiry.

This option allows you to review your account history (use, billing, payments, etc…) at your convenience. Please click the below link to further explore your account.


Accounts can be accessed either by Name, Address, or Account Number

Name – Enter the last name associated with the account

Address – Enter the street address (beginning numbers only)

Account Number - Enter the Complete Account Number including letter at the beginning - X000-0000-00

  • You DO put the beginning letter that appears in front of the account number (it will be either a L, V, N, or C). This is used to identify the utility company.
  • If you are having difficulty check your web browser security settings, sometimes these have been set at a higher level and dropping it down allows the access to occur.
  • Sign In – Not required at this time
  • Register – Not required at this time