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Insurance Requirements

A Certificate of Insurance will be furnished by the Vendor. The certificate(s) shall be completed by the Vendor’s authorized agent and submitted to the District’s Purchasing Department. All insurance policies shall be written on companies authorized to do business in the State of Florida. The Vendor shall not commence any work until it has obtained all of the following types of insurance and shall maintain such insurance as will protect him/her from claims which may arise out of or result from the vendor’s operations. The District shall be exempt from, and in no way liable for, any sums of money which may represent a deductible in any insurance policy. The payment of such deductible shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor and/or sub consultant providing such insurance.

  • General Liability. The Vendor shall obtain, and maintain General Liability Insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Insurance shall protect the Vendor, sub consultants and subcontractors from claims for damage for personal injury, including accidental death, as well as claims for property damages which may arise from the Vendor’s operations.

    • Additional Insured. The Certificate Holder shall be named as Additional Insured on General Liability.

    • Waiver of Subrogation. A Waiver of Subrogation shall be noted on General Liability.

  • Automobile Liability InsuranceAll automobiles and trucks the Vendor may use in connection with their operations must be covered. The limit of liability for this coverage shall be a minimum combined single limit of $500,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. This is to include owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles.

    • Additional Insured. The Certificate Holder shall be named as Additional Insured on Automobile Liability Insurance

    • Waiver of Subrogation. A Waiver of Subrogation shall be noted on Automobile Liability Insurance

  • Excess Liability Insurance (Umbrella Policy) This is not required but may compensate for a deficiency in General Liability or Automobile Liability Insurance coverage limits.

  • Workers’ Compensation InsuranceAs required by the State of Florida, the Vendor and any sub consultants or subcontractors shall comply fully with the Florida Worker’s Compensation Law. In case any class of employees engaged in hazardous work at the site of the operations is not protected under the Worker’s Compensation statute, the Vendor shall provide, and cause each sub consultant or subcontractor to provide adequate insurance for the protection of its employees not otherwise protected. The Vendor must provide certificate of insurance showing Worker’s Compensation coverage or must provide an exemption certificate issued by the State of Florida showing that the Vendor is exempt from Worker’s Compensation insurance requirements.

Certificate(s) shall be dated and show:

  1. The name of the insured Vendor, the name of the insurer, the number of the policy, its effective date and its termination date.

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  3. Statement that the insurer will mail notice to the District at least thirty (30) days prior to any material changes in provisions or cancellation of the policy.

The Vendor shall require of each its sub consultants and/or subcontractors to procure and maintain during the life of its subcontract, insurance of the type specified above or insure the activities of its sub consultants and/or subcontractors in its policy as described above.

The District reserves the right to modify the insurance requirements set forth at anytime.

*Please forward these pages to the insurance companies so that they have all the necessary information.


  • W-9: Every vendor is required to provide a signed and completed current W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form. We will request an updated form at least every four years.
  • Occupational License: If the county that your business resides in requires you to obtain an Occupational License, a copy of your current County Occupational License or tax receipt is required.

The Vendor or its insurance company may fax or email the required forms to:
Fax: (352) 751-6715

Contact the Purchasing Department with any questions at (352) 751-6700.

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